How I started programming

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When I was 8, I got my first e-mail address with my own domain. 

Soon I realized, that the domain could be used for a website. After asking my father how to make a website, he said, that it's too difficult. So I decided to learn HTML on my own, by watching tutorials on YouTube.

My first website was a homepage that had pictures of trees I had taken a few months prior and a menu that I had to paste into every HTML file.
I remember, that one of the pages was about my favorite Pokémon. I showed the HTML files to my father and he allowed me to upload it.

About a year later I started wondering, if I could make programs too, so I watched a few tutorials. After wanting to learn C and blaming the IDE for the errors I caused, I started learning Java by looking at other people's code and modifying it. Of course, I didn't understand everything at first, but I didn't stop and watched videos about those topics.